Fully Automated Cable Reel

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer

Location: TMU Robotics (Industrial Automation Consultancy)

Period: 2006 – 2007


The Cable-Reel is a fully automatic, motor driven cable winch that holds up to 500 m (1500 ft.) of camera cable.The traction regulating device synchronises the coordination of the camera tractor (Sewbot or Well Camera) and the cable winch and always makes for optimal operating conditions during sewer inspections.The automatic cable guide ensures level winding of the camera cable. The fully integrated swivel winch boom and the handy remote control unit help the operator to work professionally and efficiently. A steel rope winch for easy, precise deployment of the camera systems ensures safe and ergonomic operations. A digital length measuring system and a workplace light for optimal lighting of the manhole opening complete the product equipment.

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