Dynamics Modelling and Inverse/Forward Kinematics Analysis of 6-RRCRR (Offset 6-UCU) Parallel Micromanipulators

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer

Location: RMRL, Melbourne, Australia

Period: 2009 – 2010


6-RRCRR parallel robot is originally a Gough parallel robot but with orthogonal non-intersecting RR-pairs or offset RR-joints. The inverse and forward kinematics solution of such robots compared with that of parallel robots with orthogonal intersecting RR-joints or universal joints configuration are much more complicated due to the existence of dependent joints parameters. A methodology for the numerical solution of the inverse and forward kinematics problem of a general 6-RRCRR parallel manipulator with orthogonal non-intersecting RR-joint configuration is presented in this study. The direct kinematics of the 6-RRCRR parallel robot is modelled to numerically verify accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed forward kinematic methodology. Numerical examples of the proposed methodology for the solution of the forward kinematics of a 6-RRCRR parallel robot under study confirm the efficiency of the procedure.

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